Sound Off Signal 380 Backlight Problem

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Sound Off Signal 380 Backlight Problem

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We just installed Sound Off Signal 380 Series remote siren controllers in eight new patrol cars and two of them are having a backlight problem. One started from day one and the other a week later. It's wired to light up with the parking lights and on those two, the backlight flashes non-stop and it's a steady pattern as if it means something. It will do a series of long flashes and then short flashes (or vise versa). It will then stay out completely for a few seconds and start flashing again. The current going in seems steady and we've tried disconnecting power, etc, to maybe reset it with no luck. I've been emailing with a Sound Off Signal tech but so far they don't know what it is. I'm hoping someone here might have seen that before and know what it means.
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