Sense Wire

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Sense Wire

Post by Pozy718 »

Looking for a neutral safety switch wire in the steering column in a E-350 Ford, 2010 Model or any other sense wire that would give a negative output or positive output when the vehicle is in park.
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Re: Sense Wire

Post by ka8ypy »

Doesn't exist, best bet is to install a micro switch and pull whatever signal you want (+ or -) through it. Set the switch to close when the shift lever is in park.

I have had to do this on several F-150s from 2004 to current and it hasn't failed yet.
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Re: Sense Wire

Post by tvsjr »

Most of the Super Duty stuff (250+) has these wires in place. Google Ford BBAS - give them a call and see if they can help you out. I know my 05 Super Duty had a wire for park detect, among many others.
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